Press Release Nomor: PRESS-12/SEKL/IV/2015 The Evaluation of Deposit Insurance Rate Period of April 2015


Nomor: PRESS- 12/SEKL/IV/2015



Period of April 2015


Indonesia Deposit Insurance Corporation (IDIC) has evaluated the deposit insurance rates for Rupiah and foreign currency deposits in Commercial Banks and for Rupiah deposit in Rural Banks. The deposit insurance rates for the period of 15 January 2015 until 14 May 2015 remain the same as follows:


Commercial Banks

Rural Banks


Foreign Currency







The deposit insurance rates above are considering the current high bank deposit rates and the liquidity conditions that is expected not to be loosened within the next couple of months. There are still uncertainties in the global economy, mainly driven by the projected increase in the US interest rate (The Fed) which leads into potentially tighter liquidity conditions.

Referring to IDIC regulation, when the deposit interest rate agreed between the bank and the depositor exceeds the Deposit Insurance Rate, thee deposit is not insured by IDIC. In this regard, banks are required to inform their depositors about the current Deposit Insurance Rate by setting the information referred to at places that are easily spotted by the depositors.

In line with its missions to protect depositors and expand the scope of deposit insurance rate, IDIC urges that banking industry to consider the deposit insurance rate for the purpose of fund raising. In conducting its business, the banks should also monitor the direction of economic liquidity management by the Central Bank (Bank Indonesia) as well as the provision of banking regulation and supervision by the Indonesian Financial Services Authority.


Jakarta, 21 April 2015

Corporate Secretary


Samsu Adi Nugroho


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